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dowhile - yong shu hoong dowhile - yong shu hoong
The words do and while, in computing languages like C and Java, are used to execute instructions repeatedly while a given condition holds true. Similarly, in the real world, cynici…
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maiden - kensai maiden - kensai
If all that we know turns out false, if in the delirium of sadness there is only joy, garnered from the chrysalis of our dreams, then we cannot know truth, for truth resides in the…
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after the fire - boey kim cheng after the fire - boey kim cheng
After the Fire begins with poems summoning the dead to the poet’s new life in the adoptive country. They restore memories of the absent father and grandmother, uncovering a n…
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broken by the rain - felix cheong broken by the rain - felix cheong
"Other-worldly, imagining many worlds, Felix Cheong's poems... sound a distinctive voice among the sharply multiple voices coming from a new generation of Singapore poets.…
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a single headlamp - madeleine lee a single headlamp - madeleine lee
"a single headlamp is an altogether remarkable first collection; a significant contribution to the increasingly confident voices in Singapore poetry. But it is also, refreshin…
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