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the secret goldfish and other follies - tan teck howe the secret goldfish and other follies - tan teck howe
It is not easy being a foreign student in Britain. The  weather is bad and the food is even worse. If you have a Chinese name, it will almost certainly be mangled. These are t…
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eating air - ng yi-sheng eating air - ng yi-sheng
Meet Boy. He's a teenage motorcycle punk, out to wreak havoc with his gang of friends. Meet Girl. She's a student in the morning, a copy shop assistant in the afternoon a…
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4:30 - Yeo Wei Wei 4:30 - Yeo Wei Wei
Xiao Wu is an eleven-year-old boy in Singapore, living alone until a thirty-something Korean, Jung, moves in. Every morning at 4:30 Xiao Wu spies on the man, trying to uncover his …
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12 storeys - james toh 12 storeys - james toh
12 storeys confronts the anguish of many Singaporeans in a frank way. This intense insight into the shortcomings of the Singaporean dream is a valuable step towards the insula…
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