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the secret goldfish and other follies - tan teck howe

the secret goldfish and other follies - tan teck howe

about the book:

It is not easy being a foreign student in Britain. The  weather is bad and the food is even worse. If you have a Chinese name, it will almost certainly be mangled. These are the things that Tong Jin Wei has to put up with. It is the start of his second year at Oxford and Jin Wei has fallen hopelessly in love with the mysterious Claire, who hails from  Trinidad. Through his busy and chaotic schedule of student  parties, visits to the college pub and singing in a rock band,  Jin searches for the perfect plan that will win Claire's heart. His task is made perilously more difficult by his own ineptitude  towards women, distractions like essays, tutorials and lectures,  and the cleft-chinned Scott, who is half a foot taller and  competing with him for Claire's affections. The Secret Goldfish  and Other Follies is Jin Wei's story.

isbn: 981-05-0024-6

year of publication: 2004

book size: 145mm x 210mm

pages: 242

price: S$18.00

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