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firstfruits /poetry

maiden - kensai

maiden - kensai

about the book:

If all that we know turns out false, if in the delirium of sadness there is only joy, garnered from the chrysalis of our dreams, then we cannot know truth, for truth resides in the unknowing. I do not dream anymore these days because I have you and I live only in the sunlight of enarmoured moments. Slowly, I touch your hair and imagine you within me. In moments soon enough you will be just me: a body, and then a crystal in the slow sea of afternoon.

isbn: 981-04-5741-3

year of publication: 2002

book size: 125mm x 210mm

pages: 144

price: S$18.00

copyright © 2006-2010 firstfruits publications, imprint of mediaexodus LLP.
all rights reserved.