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eating air - ng yi-sheng

eating air - ng yi-sheng

about the book:

Meet Boy. He's a teenage motorcycle punk, out to wreak havoc with his gang of friends.
Meet Girl. She's a student in the morning, a copy shop assistant in the afternoon and a newspaper vendor at night.
Theirs is a love story set on the streets of Singapore, a surreal tale of kung fu fantasies, loan sharks, drug deals, sting rays, brotherhood and romance: the frustrated dreams of a young underclass searching for their own freedom in the concrete jungle. Based on Kelvin Tong and Jasmine Ng's movie Eating Air (1999), a local indie classic and a two-time winner and three-time nominee of international film awards.  Adapted by lauded poet/playwright Ng Yi-Sheng.

isbn: 981-08-0280-3

year of publication: 2008

book size: 140mm x 210mm

pages: 120

price: S$16.00

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