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firstfruits /poetry

The Stamp Collector's Wife - Grace Chua

The Stamp Collector's Wife - Grace Chua

about the book:

"I've been eager reading Grace's work for the past ten years, but i'm still taken aback by the crystalline power and beauty of this volume. These pieces are tender, imaginative, stirring and full of cool, reflective passion."

- Ng Yi-Sheng

"Grace Chua's poetry is very much like her first name: elegance and englightenment are twin lights that mark the ascent of a luminous voice. "The calyx of my flower-shaped mirror peels," she promises in the last few lines of this collection - and what srartling beauty, layer after layer of it, resides within the reflection. Unfurling familial threads and imaginative ones, hers is a searching narrative that knows its roots as it traverses the land and the limitless expanse of the mind. Birds, fruits, lakes, dips and curves of the human body - her sensual poems echo and embrace the universe."

Yeow Kai Chai

isbn: 978-981-08-4581-0

year of publication: 2010 

book size: 140mm x 210mm 

price: S$25.00

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all rights reserved.