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firstfruits /poetry

y grec - madeleine lee and eleanor wong

y grec  - madeleine lee and eleanor wong

about the book:

"peeling and sharing oranges stolen from the orchard on the way to monemvasia
pointing out that the happy chairs look a bit unhappy
at promenade, nafplio..."

a travelogue in poems written while the two authors vacationed together in greece, y grec is by turns playful, and meditative. as they explore crumbling ruins, lee and wong build a monument to the ancient civilization with their words, intangible but no less real. the result is a wordly collection of whimsical reflections, incisive observations, and, in common with all travelers, the occasional thought of home.

isbn: 981-05-4073-6

year of publication: 2006 

book size: 140mm x 210mm 

price: S$17.00

copyright © 2006-2010 firstfruits publications, imprint of mediaexodus LLP.
all rights reserved.