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firstfruits /poetry

from within the marrow - yong shu hoong

from within the marrow - yong shu hoong

about the book:
These are searching, sensitive poems, alive to the nuanced tones of the self’s interactions with place and with the other.

– Boey Kim Cheng, Poet & Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, the University of Newcastle

Yong’s poems range within a territorial loop and contort into variant shapes, but weaving these inventive constructions together is a cohesive underlying sensibility finely attuned to memory and desire.

– Ravi Shankar, Associate Professor & Poet-in-Residence, Central Connecticut State University

isbn: 978-981-08-6033-2

year of publication: 2010 

book size: 125mm x 210mm

see also: frottage by yong shu hoong; dowhile by yong shu hoong

price: S$25.00

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