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firstfruits /poetry

landfall day: selected poems - ng kwang cheng, trans. by yeo wei wei

landfall day: selected poems - ng kwang cheng, trans. by yeo wei wei

about the book:
Ng’s poems are known for their brevity. The majority in this volume affirms this.
Yet the images and sounds that resonate from these short works linger on the eye and ear.
Take the poem “Life” for instance. The poem revolves around an image of lotus leaves with
upturned faces and hands, working into the night to collect the moonlight even as they are wearied
by life’s demands.  The effortless grace of lotus leaves and the play of moonlight on their
surfaces – these would have been enough to make a pretty picture. In Ng’s hands they evoke
an untold story of hard work and endurance.

Ng has a distinctive way of making unexpected combinations and making them immediately
appealing. The strength of his poetry can be measured through his metaphors, the way in which
they surprise us, offering a new way of seeing things, and the way in which the surprise quickly
dissolves into recognition and assent, as if this way of seeing has been awakened from deep inside us.
Pebbles are small children, worn out from play. Ants are prisoners of war marching across a desert.

isbn: 978-981-08-5453-9

year of publication: 2010 

price: S$25.00

copyright © 2006-2010 firstfruits publications, imprint of mediaexodus LLP.
all rights reserved.